dealing with depression and low mood

Just about everybody experiences ups and downs in their lives this can leave them unhappy, stressed in a low mood or depressed & this is a normal part of life. However  If these feelings don't go away after a several weeks and they  persist, then it may be time to get some help.

There are different ways of treating depression, medication, psychotherapy  but in my experience i have found that intergrating using a cognitive-behavioral and strategic approach in conjunction with hypnosis is a very effective way of helping deal with depression and low mood.

 My methods can be used as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with medication prescribed by your GP, and helps  uncover and deal  with the underlying issues behind the depression. It  changes  negative thought patterns that depressions bring and gives new perspective and ways of looking at things, building confidence, relieving anxiety and feelings of hopelessness as well as helping with the symptoms. 

Because negative thought patterns are in the subconscious mind and through hypnosis we can enter directly into the  subconscious it is extremely effective at alleviating negative thoughts which lead to depression.  

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