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How & Why Did Pop Star Brian Mcfadden Come To See A Hypnotherapist & Mind Management Coach

Anybody who has been watching dancing on ice will be aware of ex Westlife singer, musician, singer, song-writer and TV presenter Brian McFadden’s problems of dealing with his nerves & confidence while faced with his new challenge of dancing on ice with his professional dance partner the talented & beautiful Alex Murphy.

I felt very privileged last week when i was approached by ITV to see if I could help Brian with his confidence and nerves.

Brian and Alex both came to my Blackpool office with a dancing on ice film crew. We spent some time filming and I got down to talking to Brian about his confidence/nerves issue, which considering his background as a major world pop star was  surprising to him as he had never experienced anything like this before.

We had an initial discussion so I could determine exactly what the problem was, how it had developed

How it manifested itself and this then gave me an idea of how to help Brian overcome his nerves and gain more confidence while on the ice

Unfortunately due to ITV tight time schedules and lots of other things happening this week that there wasn’t the time to show the footage of our session. I don’t know whether it will be shown at a later date or put on ITV’s social media.

The important thing though is that on the live show on Sunday Brian and Alex were great. It was a very technical routine and there was a couple of stumbles but not a sign of Brian’s nerves or lack of confidence and when asked by Holly Willoughby about controlling his nerves and confidence, Brian replied that he had been exhausted but not nervous.

I have been in touch with Brian today to ask him how he felt it had gone and to ask him if what we did had helped him and he told me it had definitely helped and he had felt a lot more comfortable.

I helped Brian by explaining how his thought processes were working and how he could manage them & then I taught him some techniques which were a mixture of NLP (neuro linguistic programming} and hypnotherapy.

I am very pleased that I have been able to help a very, very nice likeable and talented funny bloke who just happens to be a big star as well.