Sports Performance Coaching

Coaching & Neuro Linguistic programimg (NLP)


Whether you want to call it Personal development or Life Coaching, Mental skills or Performance Coaching, or simply just Mind Management, the goal is same.

To help you achieve your goals and ambitions.


This can be in a either a work or personal environment or helping you decide on your direction and developing the skills, Inspiration and drive to get there.

It can be about overcoming challenges, that have prevented you achieving your goals. It could be such things as:

  • Overcoming anxiety and nerves
  • Developing mental skills
  • Breaking or changing a habit
  • Being able to make a presentation or speech
  • Building confidence & self esteem
  • Creating behaviour change
  • Communicating more effectively


Sports Performance Coaching


Sports coaching is designed to enhance the level of psychological performance from a sports person whether this is at an amateur or professional level.
It is coaching for your mind, about learning new mental skills, helping you


Get into the ZONE


So you are at your peak performance. It can help you deal with stress, before a big event, putting yourself in the right winning mindset, preparing yourself so that you can overcome obstacles and are in full control of your mind when under pressure.
I mainly do sports coaching on an individual 1 to 1 basis however a presentation can be given to a group, giving an overview. Individual sessions can then be booked if required to help an individual with their own distinct challenges.

Here are some of the people who I have helped in their sporting achievements.

Brian Macfadden ex west life singer pop star and song writer when he was faced with the new challenge of taking part in ITV’s “Dancing on Ice” In the end Brian got to the semi-finals and told me “ It definitely helped I felt much more comfortable out there”

Mickley hall shooting school where I was invited by Scott Barnett (british team clay pigeon shooter and co owner of Mickley hall) to give a talk to up and coming shooters at his school.

A few weeks later I asked Scott how he felt the day had gone, he told me “they all had a great experience on the day but most importantly have had great success since.”

scott barnett shooting

Adam Smalley winner of 2018 Ginnetta junior driver championship and 2020 Ginnetta GT4 supercup driver for Elite motorsport.

I am a practitioner of NLP and member of the ANLP and a member of the Association for Coaching so you can be assured you are getting professional mental skills coach.

All 1 to 1  sessions are available in one of my offices or via Zoom or Skype. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs £70

Group workshops are priced individually.