Skype sessions



Thanks to modern technology & the internet we are able to communicate reliably face to face anywhere around the world today

This means Oi can see people anywhere in the world so long as they have a webcam microphone and speakers it is just the same as coming to one of my offices and seeing me in person.

What are the benefits of sessions via Skype?


Having hypnotherapy or coaching sessions via skype means that you don’t have to travel, no fighting with traffic or getting stressed, you can see me in the comfort of your own home.
People are often more relaxed when in their own home & it gives people who
Having hypnotherapy available via skype also means you have a wider choice of Therapists and you can pick the right one for you. it is very important that you feel comfortable with your Therapist & that you choose that you choose one who is experienced, properly qualified & registered. I myself am registered with the CNHC & the NCH as far as hypnotherapy is concerned and  the ANLP and the Association for Coaching as far as NLP an Personal Development Coaching is concerned.
I find Skype sessions are ideal for people who are housebound, who cannot find a suitable therapist in their area or who are a bit reserved about the idea of an in-clinic session. As in all areas of therapy, the competence, experience, qualifications and ethics of the therapist are what should matter most. Once you know you are in good and experienced hands, you can relax and enjoy the session more easily.

What can you see me for via skype?

I can see you for anything via skype that I would see you for in any one of my offices.


Is Hypnotherapy safe via Skype ?

The short answer is… Yes …and the long answer is also …yes


What if the connection fails?

As for connection failures, these are extremely rare these days and as you are only in a state of relaxation as opposed to being asleep, & you can easily answer when I call again.


What if you can’t get me out of hypnosis?

You cannot get stuck in hypnosis (trance) hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of deep relaxation.  The same way you do not get stuck in a dream is how you do not get stuck in hypnosis. Keep in mind that you are always under control in a hypnotic trance.

The worst that could happen is that you become so relaxed you fall asleep & if you thought you might I would suggest that you set an alarm for 5 minutes after the end of the session.


What do I need for a skype session?

All you need is a computer an internet connection a webcam, microphone and speakers/ earphones somewhere that you quiet that you can sit and not be interrupted.

If you don’t like the idea of hypnosis over skype but you would still like a session then we can have a preliminary session over skype and then I will make and send you an mp3 about the things we discussed.


What do I need to do to book a Skype session?

First of all you need to give me a call or send me an email so that we begin to discuss whether we can work together to help with your issue. We can then book in a time slot for a session.