Here are a few brief excerpts from emails that people have sent to me recently:

I had a stressful and hectic job which I couldn’t seem to switch off from so I visited Steve several times for hypnotherapy and have found his help to be very beneficial. After my first session I felt an amazing sense of calmness, which I hadn’t experienced in years. Subsequent visits have helped me to build on this inner calm. This is the first time I had used a hypnotherapist and I can’t compare it with CBT or other therapies, but I would recommend Steve to anyone. Thank you Steve for helping me to calm down and switch off!

​ Good morning Steve,
I would like to say a massive thank you for helping me to feel whole again. My confidence is grown, I feel so much more balanced and mentally stronger. My anxiety and depression is so much more controlled.

Hi Steve
The presentation went well, very well thank you. I was a little nervous at first but nothing like I would have been before your input and help.

Another bit of the life I want, coming together.

Thanks again!


Hi Steve,

I just thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know how I am going after my 3 hypnotherapy sessions I have had with you with regard to my gambling addiction. I feel wonderful and have no urge to play on the online Casinos. I knew after the second session that I felt differently. I can’t quite believe it though how you have done it, you are a miracle worker. I just want to thank you also for giving me more confidence and self esteem.

All the best!

Hi Steve

I just wanted to say thank you for the help with my problems! I was in a dark place gambling and drinking far too much, also with some personal problems! After only seeing u twice , the gambling has stopped and I’m so much happier in myself! I will probably come back again to keep on top of everything in a few weeks! Thanks again for all ur help


Hi Steve,
How are you? I just thought I’d drop you a quick note to let you know how I am going after my hypnotherapy back in June. Yesterday I sang twice with absolutely no fear and have been really enjoying myself. I have teamed up with another chap and we are building our act more and more and as I said we had two gigs yesterday and they went really well. So, whatever you did mate, it worked so Thank you Thank you.

Hi Steve,

 As you know I have suffered with an ever increasing phobia of frogs & toads (and anything in between) for over 35 years.This fear had been with me since a childhood incident, that had meant I could not look at a photograph of them or even say the words ‘frog’ or ‘toad, at the age of 45, I shouldn’t feel like this, but it had just got worse as the years went by. I never expected to ever be able to change that feeling & just learned to work around it.
As soon as I got home after the session , my boyfriend brought up some images of frogs on his laptop for me to attempt to look at, I looked at them & when asked what they were I replied ‘froggies’, like they were suddenly cute or something!

I couldn’t quite register at first that I’d looked at them at all, but since then I’ve seen lots of pictures of frogs, I’ve watched them on tv and I’ve actively looked for them a few times. Incredible! My boyfriend can’t believe the change.


 Dear Steve,

Thanks for the  help with  anxiety of aeroplanes flying over me while I’m driving. I’ve even pulled the car over before now, rather than continue to drive under the flight path of a plane going over me . It made me shiver and feel physically sick. Since the hypnotherapy , I’m Just not bothered by it at all now. I feel more confident generally, which I believe has helped me to reassess anxious and difficult situations, with a clearer understanding of how to react to them. I actually feel liberated from having such strong negative feelings and free of the restrictions they have placed in my life. Thanks.