Weight Loss

Control Your Weight

Is being over weight a psychological problem or just the result of eating too much? The majority of weight problems are simply the result of poor eating and exercise.

There are generally three types of over eaters, Emotional eaters, Conditioned eaters and Unconscious eaters.

If you over eat it could be for anyone of these 3 reasons, or in fact a combination of any or all of them.

 In order to deal with a weight problem first of all  you need to understand it.

Unconcious eaters, are people who are unaware of all the food they are putting into their mouths, for example, eating while watching a movie, snacking at work picking up biscuits, cakes, sweets throughout the day as they go about their normal daily routine and are just unaware of the amount they are eating.

Conditioned eaters, are people who overeat often due to early childhood conditioning.

For example, a child is made to feel guilty if they leave anything on their plate and their told there are starving children out there who would be grateful for that.

It could be someone who has been cooking for a family for years , then the children move out, but they continue to cook the same amount of food and would feel guilty if they left it, so instead of changing the amount they cook or throwing it away they just keep eating.

A lot of people just keep eating because they have been conditioned to like the full bloated feeling they get after eating a large meal which is not so bad if it happens every now and again but not on a regular basis.

Emotional eaters,  as the title implies eat due to emotion, for example  because of stress , boredom, loneliness, in an attempt to make themselves feel better.


So why will hypnotherapy help?

Because through Hypnosis we deal directly with the subconscious part of the mind, the thought patterns and feelings that trigger the over eating can be changed.

This brings about an effective change in eating habits without the client feeling as though they are on a diet, therefore they don’t feel deprived of food, do not get cravings for food and don’t return to old eating habits.