NLP & Coaching

Neuro linguistic programming,  Life & Personal Development Coaching are about developing mental skills, & planning a way forward. It can help you  understand the way both  you, and others think. Helping you to Manage your mind & develop the mental skills to overcome and better your performance whether it be at work, home or in a sporting environment.

What can I help with?
• Dealing with stress, Anxiety & nerves,
• Improving sports performance,
• Developing new mental skills,
• Creating Behaviour change,
• Building Confidence & Self Esteem,
• Communicating more effectively,
• Channeling drive & ambition,
• Building a can do mind set,

As a qualified and registered practitioner of NLP and a member of the Association for Coaching I use the methods and techniques of NLP  & Coaching to  understand & facilitate change . These two methodologies are often used separately but I have found that being able to use the two together  allows me to help a client overcome issues as well as help plan a way forward.
So  why is this an advantage to you;
NLP  has a variety of models and techniques to help you understand how you behave & communicate with yourself and others. It can help change patterns of behavior ( habits),  overcome difficulties, replacing them with new & more useful thought processes.

Personal development or Life Coaching is about looking forward, deciding on what you want and planning a route to get there by Using a structured and sound process. I can help you make decisions about your direction in life and how to get where you want to be, whether this is on a personal or professional front. It is a guided conversation that can help you make decisions and see things more clearly and then help you construct a path to achieve your goals.

As well as  for individuals I do  group workshops for general performance improvement. To give you an example;

I was invited to Mickley Hall shooting school in Cheshire by Scott Barnett (who himself shoots for England) to help some of his best shots deal with the pressures of performing at a high level.

When I called Scott a few weeks later to see how everybody was doing he told me   “All had a great experience on the day but more importantly have had great success since.”


All 1 to 1  sessions are available in one of my offices or via Zoom or Skype. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs £70

Group workshops are priced individually.

scott barnett shooting