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There are several things people want to know when thinking about hypnotherapy online.

Here are some of the main things, but if you have another question about hypnotherapy online or in fact about hypnotherapy or coaching in general then please get in touch.

Is Hypnotherapy online as effective as being face to face?

The short answer is yes, it is just as effective. The change is taking place within your mind & your way of thinking and therefore has nothing to do with the with the location you are in. So long as you are in a quiet controlled environment and you are not going to be interrupted then it is just as effective. The fact is that in some cases it is actually an advantage, as you may feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own environment.

Some people however prefer face to face sessions, because they can’t get peace and quiet at home or they want a break from their usual routine. There can be any number of reasons why you would prefer one over the other, but in my experience, there is no greater benefit to either one. If however you want to come to a face to face session please get in touch and we will organise an appointment in one of my 3 offices around Lancashire.

What are the advantages of online sessions?

You have no travelling time or expense, you can do the session in your own home or office which means that fitting around your schedule is easier. It can also be more relaxing because you are in your own comfortable environment and have not had to rush through or fight traffic.

This means you are more relaxed when you see me. The other great advantage is that you can see me or any other therapist from anywhere In the world giving you the flexibility of choice to pick the therapist that you want and feel will benefit you the most..

Is it safe, what if I don’t wake up and I am stuck in a trance?

Yes it is perfectly safe it is a tried and tested method of delivering hypnotherapy and it is not possible to get stuck in a trance. If on the very rare occasion somebody doesn’t wake when I count them out it’s because they have fallen asleep, and you do this every night. To safe guard this rare eventuality, I always suggest people set an alarm for the end of the session. This also works as a safety precaution in case the internet connection is lost mid-session.

What do I need?

You will need to be in a quiet place where you are not going to be interrupted sitting in a comfortable chair, preferably with arm and a head rest. A computer phone or tablet that has access to the internet via skype zoom or whats app, a camera that can be positioned so that I can see you preferably from the waste up a microphone & pair of ear or head phones.

Online Therapy UK

We provide online hypnotherapy to clients across the UK including Birmingham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Brighton, Chester, Derby, Doncaster, Ipswich, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Scotland, Sheffield, Southampton, Wales, Wigan and York. Looking for professional help? Prefer online therapy sessions? Contact Steve at Ribble Hypnotherapy today.

What we can help with

Via our face to face or online therapy we can provide help with a variety of challenges including Addictions, Anxiety, Bruxism (Teeth grinding), Confidence, Car Confidence, Depression, Fear of Dentist, Fear of flying, Habits, Headaches & Migraines, Insomnia, IBS, OCD, Panic attacks, Phobias, Public Speaking, Stress, Stop smoking, Tinnitus and Weight loss. Looking for professional help? Prefer online therapy sessions? Contact Ribble Hypnotherapy today.