Fear Of Flying

Fear Of Flying

Deal with  your Flying phobia  with either individual sessions

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—Reset your mind—

In my 4 session program  I use methods and techniques  to reset your mind  taking away the reasons for phobia  & trauma and to move you forward into the future

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A fear of flying is quite common, and i have found there are many different reasons why people develop a fear of flying and and there are many different levels of anxiety that people experience.

With many people it’s because they have had a bad experience while flying maybe turbulence or thunder storms or they  become anxious at  just  the thought of going on a plane, they can feel out of control or  trapped as the doors to the aircraft are closed. Maybe it’s the  journey to the airport, going through security, or waiting to board and the whole experience builds up to such an extent that  by the time they get on the plane they are already in a highly anxious state. It can also be the  feeling of the unknown or new experience of what they will find at the other end.

Whatever the reason i am sure I can help, so please drop me an e mail or  give me a call.