Treatment for Anxiety and panic attacks

Manage your anxiety with either individual sessions

or a 4 session process

only £290

—Reset your mind—

In my 4 session program  I use methods and techniques  to reset your mind  taking away the reasons for the anxiety or trauma and to move you forward into the future

All sessions are available in person or on  line dependent on your  location

One of the most common problems that people consult me on is anxiety, especially when  they are unsure as to why they are anxious.

Some people can just wake up in the morning and as soon as they open their eyes they feel anxious, many people become anxious about being anxious and this is very common,  yet so frequently misunderstood, and the lack of knowledge leads to even more anxiety.

Anxiety about anxiety occurs when you first experience a fearful reaction, and then having experienced this anxiety  you begin to worry or overthink in case you become anxious again and then you can become anxious about worrying / overthinking about being anxious.

This  situation is the start of the development of the vicious circle of anxiety from which you find it so difficult to escape.

You may then start to think something like “wouldn’t it be terrible if I got anxious” this can then lead to stress , palpitations, over breathing and a building sense of panic, which in turn can lead to “oh my god, I’m losing control, what if I have a panic attack” and the vicious circle continues and can lead to depression

How do we stop the vicious circle of anxiety

Why is Hypnotherapy good for dealing with anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is particularly effective  because  hypnosis allows me to talk directly to the  subconscious mind where all the patterns that make up the circle of anxiety are stored.

Many people have tried to stop feeling anxious by saying, to themselves something like “I must stop feeling like this, there is no reason why I feel like this”  and yet they vicious circle continues and it does this because when you say these  things to yourself you are doing it consciously and the circle of anxiety is stored in the subconscious part of your mind.

My job is to bring the subconscious part of your mind into line with what you want to achieve consciously but have been finding it difficult to do.

Area of coverage: North West, Lancashire, Fylde, Lancaster, Blackpool and Preston.

Here are some google reviews texts & e mails I have received from people with anxiety :

Dear Steve

​After 11 years of anxiety and panic attack’s with various medical help, I wasn’t sure I would be able to relax enough to benefit from clinical hypnosis. However, I was willing to give it a try and I am so glad I put me at ease straight away and with each session I was able to relax into it more and more. Not only have my self-esteem and confidence taken a massive boost, I feel less anxious about the day to day activities that were really difficult for me. I have found an inner calm that I never thought I would feel again.

I can’t thank you enough Steve.
Thank you for everything.​

Good morning Steve,
I tried to locate the review button on Google, but failed miserably therefore I am writing to you.
I would like to say a massive thank you for helping me to feel whole again. My confidence is grown, I feel so much more balanced and mentally stronger. My anxiety and depression is so much more

I have been to Steve multiple times at which has benefited me unexplainably. His hypnotherapy sessions are the best thing I have ever purchased, helping me feel a lot more calm and confident! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

So impressed with the results after just 3 sessions with Steve! He’s professional and friendly, explains everything and gets to work on the issue/s. I would highly recommend him for work on fears and phobias, stressful life events, general anxiety.

Amazing! After a few sessions I feel great! Better than ever. Helping with stress and anxiety. Highly recommend

I was never convinced hypnotherapy was real but Steve proved to me it is and it works. I went to Steve with an issue that had ruled my life for several years and Steve worked on it with over 4 sessions and it’s pretty much sorted.
Steve is easy to talk to guy and down to earth, I highly recommend him.

Steve has been fantastic. I had extreme pain and was suffering with stress and anxiety when I first saw him, my confidence was low and I didn’t know what to do. He has turned my life around. I would highly reccommed him to anyone! Thank you Steve!

I can’t recommend Steve enough, he really helped me deal with my anxiety, but most of all made me feel comfortable and provided a space where I felt I could talk openly and honestly with no judgement and at ease.
I’ve had four sessions with Steve, there is a huge difference in me between the first time I went, too now. Coping a lot better, with two weeks of no panic attacks.