Driving Phobias

Driving Phobias And Car Confidence

Becoming anxious about driving is not as uncommon as people may think, it can happen for many different reasons and is very often centered around driving on motorways or driving over bridges especially ones over water, & if it is not dealt with can then spread to further areas including dual carriageways, A or B roads.

I have found that it can often develop in people who drive many miles a year such as taxi drivers, police officers, sales reps or sometimes in people who just do a commute to work.

The reasons for it can sometimes be obvious and recognized, such as an accident or a near-miss or there can on the surface be no apparent reason for the anxiety or phobia.

Whatever the reason the most important thing is to move forward and deal with the problem.

I use a variety of approaches such as cognitive-behavioral methods, neuro-linguistic programming used in conjunction with clinical hypnotherapy.
But it can be dealt with so please give me a call.